Entrance Requirements (2014 Entry)

If you require a student visa to study in Hong Kong, you can apply for full-time undergraduate studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong through "International Students Admission Scheme". Those who have the right of abode in Hong Kong or the right to land in Hong Kong (i.e. those who do not require a student visa to study in Hong Kong) should apply via the "Non-JUPAS (Local) Scheme".


Admission with Advanced Standing

Applicants who meet specific requirements as stipulated by the University for particular qualifications (including GCE-AL, IB, Cambridge Pre-U, HKALE, associate degree/higher diploma) may apply for “Admission with Advanced Standing”. The minimum number of units for graduation for students admitted with Advanced Standing may be reduced by up to 24 (normative period of study may be reduced by up to one year).

Applicants will be required to indicate in the application form whether they would like to be considered for "Admission with Advanced Standing".

Entrance RequirementsNotes

General Requirements

Applicants shall be eligible to apply for admission if, by 1 September of the year in which admission is sought, they possess any of the following qualifications:

GCE-AL/ IB/ Other high school qualifications

  • GCE (passes 3AL/ 2AL+2AS in one sitting)
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma (for preferred subject requirements of the programmes, please click here)
  • A recognised non-local qualification which qualifies them for admission to a university in the country/region where such qualification is originated (e.g. high school diploma plus SAT/ AP in USA, UEC/ STPM in Malaysia, ATAR in Australia, OSSD in Canada, GSAT in Taiwan)

Click here for more information.

Post-secondary qualifications

  • Completed at least one year of undergraduate study at a recognised university
  • Completed at least one year of study leading to the qualification of associate degree/higher diploma or its equivalent
Mature Applicants
  • mature persons aged 23 or above on 1 September in the year in which admission is sought, provided they are able to show either by publication or by other acceptable evidence that they have achieved sufficient competence in their chosen field of study to justify admission; or have shown exceptional ability in appropriate academic or professional fields

Exceptional Achievements

  • Have other exceptional achievements which merit admission

Language Requirements

International applicants should have attained an acceptable level of proficiency in English. Applicants are recommended to take TOEFL, IELTS or another acceptable language test if English is not their native language. Below are the minimum required scores or grades for some of the more common acceptable examinations.

Test (English Language) Minimum Attainment
HKCEE E/Level 2
HKDSE Level 3
IB 4
SAT Reasoning Test Essay 8
- Paper 550
- Computer 213
- Internet 80

Requirements of the Programmes

In addition to satisfying the University requirements, applicants shall satisfy the additional requirements of the Programmes concerned.

Selection Criteria

Applicants will be considered on the basis of their education background and academic achievements, If they are invited to attend an interview, their performance at the interview will also be taken into consideration.

Notes (for Mainland Applicants Only)

  1. Mainland students, who are current Gao Kao candidates 「应届高考生」, are not eligible to apply through this Scheme and their applications will not be accepted. They must apply through the National Colleges and Universities Enrolment System 「全国普通高校统一招生计划」 (For details, please refer to the Recruitment of Mainland Students website at http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/adm/mainland).

  2. Candidates from Mainland who will not take Gao Kao in 2014 are eligible to apply through this Scheme if they are currently pursuing or have completed an overseas curriculum (e.g. GCE A-Level, IB Diploma, high school diploma plus SAT in USA) leading to an overseas qualification which qualifies them for admission in a university in the country/region where such qualification is originated.


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