Workshop on Development of Grading Rubrics for Essay-type Assignments and for In-class Discussion

Location:香港中文大學許讓成樓 701, Hui Yeung Shing Huilding, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Time:12:30 pm to 2 pm

通識午餐聚會 GE Lunch Seminar

Workshop on Development of Grading Rubrics for Essay-type Assignments and for In-class Discussion



配合大學教務會2016年12月有關實施新修訂的大學評核政策之議決,大學各科系須自2017/18學年起推行果效為本(Outcome-based Approach, OBA) 的評核模式,伴隨而來的措施,包括在所有科目中引用標準參照及成績等級描述。教務會通識教育委員會考慮到製訂相應成績等級描述及評分規準以推行水平參照需要較充裕的準備,遂議決於2017/18學年採用標準參照及常模參照並行的評核模式作為過渡安排。大學通識教育部已請求各教學單位及書院同仁為所有現行的通識科目訂立成績等級描述,以邁向全面落實標準參照評核。


講者將概述大學引用果效為本教學法及標準參照評核的背景,並就不同類型的課業,舉例解說製訂相應成績等級描述時的考量。講者亦會分享進行分數轉化等級,以及分配不同課業分數比重時的心得與經驗。是次工作坊將聚焦探討論述題評分規準的製訂,並以對話、實習及討論的形式進行。當中,講者將以與會者實際的科目課業內容為例。故此,有意參與工作坊的同事,請盡量於 二月十四日 前,將科目的課程大綱、預期學習成果,以及課業評核內容,交予大學通識教育部的項目統籌員香惠初先生(電郵;電話:3943-8625),使得講者有更好的事前準備。同時,同事亦歡迎於工作坊前提出他們最期望在會上涵蓋的議題。。


This is a follow-on workshop of a GE Lunch Seminar conducted by the same speaker in December 2017 on the topic of criterion-referencing and devising grade descriptors for implementation of the outcome-based approach (OBA) to assessment.

In line with the revised University Assessment Policy approved by the Senate in December 2016 for implementation with effect from 2017-18, the outcome-based approach (OBA), accompanied by criterion-referencing and grade descriptors, should be in place for course assessment across the University from the 2017-18 academic year. The Senate Committee on General Education (SCGE) reckons that more lead time is need for all GE courses to develop suitable grade descriptors and grading rubrics to support effective implementation of criterion-referencing, and thus approves that a mixed model of criterion-referencing and norm-referencing would be adopted during the interim year of 2017-18. To pave the way for full implementation of criterion-referencing in General Education (GE) from 2018-19, teaching units and Colleges are invited to develop grade descriptors for all existing GE courses.

About this Workshop

The speaker will first briefly outline the general background of OBA and criterion-referencing at CUHK, and recap the various factors to be considered in devising suitable grade descriptors for different types of assessment components with reference to some samples. The speaker will also share her thoughts and experience in handling mark-grade conversion and assignment of weighs when more than one assessment component is adopted in the course. The bulk of this workshop will focus on devising grading rubrics for essay-type assignments in a course. For a more effective dialogue, there will be hands-on exercises and the discussion shall base on the specific assessment regimes adopted by the participants in their own courses. To allow some lead time for prior-preparation by the speaker, colleagues joining the workshop are most welcome to provide their course syllabi, intended learning outcomes and assessment regime to Mr. Andy Heung (email:; tel: 3943-8625), Project Coordinator of the Office of University General Education (OUGE) by 14 February 2018. Colleagues are also welcome to advise OUGE in advance relevant topics of discussion they wish to be covered at the workshop.





Speaker's Bio 

Upon obtaining a B.A. degree in English, Professor Chun Ka Wai Cecilia worked as a school teacher of English. Then, she worked as a Teaching Consultant in the Faculty of Education of the University of Hong Kong for 11 years. In 1994, she joined the Faculty of Education of CUHK as a lecturer, then assistant professor and associate professor.

At CUHK, Professor Chun was the co-odinator of a double-degree programme in English language education. She served as the Associate Dean (Student Affairs), Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) and Director of Undergraduate Studies of the Faculty of Education.

Professor Chun has over 30 years’ experience in teacher education, working with teachers of various levels of schooling on local and non-local initial teacher education and continuing professional development programmes. Her research interests include second language reading, using English as a medium of learning, English across the curriculum, academic literacy in a second language, pedagogical content knowledge of teachers of English and second language teacher education.

活動詳情 Details of the Talk
日 期 Date: 2018-2-26 (星期一 Monday)
時 間 Time: 12:30 pm to 2 pm
地 點 Venue: 香港中文大學許讓成樓 701, Hui Yeung Shing Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
語言 Language: 英語 English
講者 Speaker: 
秦家慧教授(學能提升研究中心主任) Professor Chun Ka Wai Cecilia, Director, Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research (CLEAR)

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