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Lunch Seminar 通識午餐聚會

Learning through Dialogue - Experience Sharing of General Education Courses

日期 Date : 2018-03-19 (星期一 Monday)
時間 Time:12:30 pm to 2:00 pm
地點 Venue: 香港中文大學許讓成樓 701, Hui Yeung Shing Huilding, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
講者 Speaker: 

Dr. Kwok Pak Nin Samson (General Education Foundation Programme)



Brief Description

Education is communication. Communication begins with dialogues. Dialogues in teaching, however, are not just ones between students and teachers; they also include dialogues between students and theories, those among students, and those which students engage with themselves. While students at CUHK are in general academically capable, they are not keen on expressing their opinions. Therefore, teachers have to arrange various in-class activities to encourage intellectual exchange among students. During this GE lunch seminar, the speaker will share how he, in teaching courses in General Education Foundation Programme, the Four Areas of University General Education, and College General Education, has fostered the four types of dialogues mentioned above by different means, and explain how the designs of these courses have raised students’ interest in learning, so that better learning atmosphere and outcomes have been achieved.





Speaker’s Bio

Dr. Kwok Pak Nin Samson studied philosophy at CUHK where he received his BA, MPhil, and PhD. He has been with the General Education Foundation Programme in the Office of University General Education as a lecturer since 2012. His research interests are ethics, informal logic, and social and political philosophy. Dr. Kwok has taught courses across the three major components of CUHK General Education, namely, the General Education Foundation Programme, the Four Areas of University General Education, and College General Education.

In his own pedagogy, Dr. Kwok emphasizes the importance of dialogues among teachers, students, and those having different viewpoints. Through dialogues, teachers and students can critique their own stances. The strengths and weaknesses of their ideas can be learned, and genuine mutual understanding can be accomplished.

Dr. Kwok is the awardee of the 2016 SCGE Exemplary Teaching Award in General Education and the 2016 Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award.

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