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Lunch Seminar 通識午餐聚會

Field Trip Activities in General Education Courses in History

日期 Date : 2018-03-05 (星期一 Monday)
時間 Time:12:30 pm to 2:00 pm
地點 Venue: 香港中文大學許讓成樓 701, Hui Yeung Shing Huilding, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
講者 Speaker: 

Dr. Lui Wing Sing (General Education Foundation Programme)




Brief Description

Field trips provide students with experiential learning and form an essential teaching component in General Education courses in history. Field trips would supplement classroom teaching. Through guiding students to read relevant historical materials, along with personal visits to historic sites and museums, students would appreciate history with pleasure and achieve better learning outcomes. Filed trips also facilitate students apply methodology learnt in history to their own disciplines and everyday life.

In this GE lunch seminar, the speaker would share with the audience the pedagogical design of his General Education courses and how field trips are organized to help students accomplish better learning outcomes.



Speaker’s Bio

Dr. Lui Wing Sing is Lecturer of the General Education Foundation Programme in the Office of University General Education. He has offered various General Education courses since 2014. He is now teaching UGFH1000 In Dialogue with Humanity under the General Education Foundation Programme, and two College General Education courses, namely GENA2322/GEWS2010 General History of China and GECC4130 Senior Seminar. In respect of pedagogical design and class activities, Dr. Lui does not place emphasis of learning history by heart. Instead, Dr. Lui encourages students to think critically, relate history to their daily life, and unveil the pleasure of studying history in their surroundings. His patience and enthusiasm in teaching earn him the 2016 SCGE Exemplary Teaching Award in General Education.

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The Room for Hope and Responsibility in Nature

GE Salon 2017-18 "Hope Actually"

第七節 Session 7

The Room for Hope and Responsibility in Nature

講者 Speakers:張智鈞 Cheung Chi Kwan Vincent & Klaus Colanero
日期 Date:08 / 03 / 2018 (Thur)
時間 Time:7 - 9 pm
地點:香港中文大學 康本國際學術園 4 號演講廳
Venue: LT4, Yasumoto International Academic Park, CUHK

簡介 Brief Description

Given the current knowledge about the brain, does it make sense to talk about personal responsibility? Does nature allow for human responsible actions? Do the laws of physics leave any room for us to shape our future?

On the other hand, if I want to hold a responsible attitude towards others' wellbeing, can I disregard the importance of scientific knowledge of nature? What does our current scientific knowledge have to do with our interventions on the environment? What do new discoveries in neuroscience have to do with criminal law?

Through their dialogue the two speakers will show possible answers and their implications.

講者簡介 About the Speakers

Vincent Cheung, neuroscientist, is assistant professor at the School of Biomedical Sciences of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Klaus Colanero, physicist and aspiring philosopher of science, is lecturer for the General Education Foundation Programme of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

英語主講 In English

費用全免,歡迎所有人士參加  Free admission, all are welcome.

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