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Lunch Seminar 通識午餐聚會

What is the Best
Students can Expect from a General Education Course?

日期 Date : 2019-03-01 (星期五 Friday)
時間 Time:12:30 pm to 2:00 pm
地點 Venue: 香港中文大學許讓成樓 701, Hui Yeung Shing Huilding, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
講者 Speaker: 陳如珍博士 (人類學系) Dr. Chen Ju-chen (Department of Anthropology)
語言 Language: 英語 English


一如許多同仁一樣,陳如珍博士相信通識教育對大學本科課程至關重要。通識教育(如人類學)拓寬學生視野,培養他們的批判性思維能力,更促進全人發展。 然而,陳博士在教授通識科目的經驗中,得知不少香港中文大學的學生認為通識教育,特別是範圍A「中華文化傳承」的科目,既無聊,亦無關緊要。 這些學生修讀通識科目,僅為滿足大學的畢業要求;他們對通識教育,可謂「不抱任何期望」。面對這些缺乏學習動機的學生,陳博士常常一開始就問他們:「你對一個大學通識科目最高期望是甚麼?」

陳博士在是次的通識午餐聚會,將闡述她怎樣與學生一同探索和回答這個問題。 這些師生間的討論,乃有關通識老師怎樣與學生訂立共同目標,以盡力發揮通識教育的學習效益。

Brief Description

Like many of her colleagues, Dr. Chen Ju-chen believes that general education is critical in the university’s undergraduate curriculum. General education (like anthropology) broadens students’ perspectives, trains their critical thinking skills, and facilitates whole-person development. However, one thing Dr. Chen learned about teaching general education at CUHK is that some students believe that general education, especially courses in Area A “Chinese Cultural Heritage”, are boring and irrelevant in nature. They only take these courses to fulfill the university requirement for graduation, and they come with “no expectation.” To teach students with little motivation, Dr. Chen often starts from asking them: “What do you think is the best you can expect from a general education course?”

In this GE lunch seminar, Dr. Chen would like to explore what her students and she have figured out in answering this question. This discussion is about fixing a shared goal with general education students; and how that can help maximize the benefits of general education.


陳如珍博士是香港中文大學人類學系的高級講師。陳博士的學術專長涵蓋主題和地域包括:中國女性移民工人,以及她們為兒子購置更好居所的奮鬥;香港的菲律賓傭工,以及她們通過參加選美比賽所表達的願望;香港和台灣的獨立音樂家和音樂活動組織者,以及他們的無儲蓄生活方式。陳博士對性別與移民之間的關係尤感興趣,她常以「願望」為關鍵詞來分析不同研究對象的人生追求。 陳博士自2009年起在人類學系任教。多年以來,陳博士任教的通識教育科目包括:UGEA2180「中國文化與社會」,UGEA2334「今日中國」,UGEC2653「性別與文化」,和GENA2192「女人、男人與文化」。

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Chen Ju-chen is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Anthropology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her scholarly interests cover a number of topics and geographic locations: female migrant workers in China and their efforts to obtain better houses for their sons; Filipino domestic workers in Hong Kong and the wishes they realize through participating in beauty pageants; and independent musicians and music event organizers in Hong Kong and Taiwan with a focus on their non-accumulative lifestyles. Dr. Chen is interested in the relationship between gender and migration, and she uses aspiration as the keyword to analyze the pursuits of her various research subjects. Dr. Chen has been teaching in the Department of Anthropology since 2009. Over these years Dr. Chen has taught the following general education courses: UGEA2180 Chinese Culture and Society, UGEA2334 China Today, UGEC2653 Gender and Culture, and GENA2192 Women, Men, and Culture.

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Born in Syria

通識沙龍 2018-19「家‧鄉‧歸」
GE Salon 2018-19 Home.Homeland.Homecoming

第九節 Session 9(電影放映會 + 映後座談會 Film Screening + Sharing)

Chasing Coral

講者 Speaker:崔佩怡 Chui Pui Yi Apple
主持 Moderator:林吐金 Lam To Kam Cherry
日期 Date:14 / 03 / 2019 (Thur)
時間 Time:6:30 – 9:00 pm
地點:香港中文大學 康本國際學術園 4 號演講廳
Venue: LT4, Yasumoto International Academic Park, CUHK
粵語及英語主講  In Cantonese and English

電影簡介 About the Film

Coral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. A team of divers, photographers and scientists set out on a thrilling ocean adventure to discover why and to reveal the underwater mystery to the world.

導演 Director: Jeff Orlowski | 字幕 Subtitles: 中文 Chinese | 片長 Length: 89 分鐘 mins

講者簡介 About the Speaker

崔佩怡博士(Dr. Apple Chui)於香港中文大學獲得環境科學碩士及生物學博士學位 ,並於2016年加入中大生命科學學院任職講師。崔博士自2008年開始, 在香港進行珊瑚研究,其研究興趣包括珊瑚成長初階段研究,幼苗入添量調查,及利用有性繁殖培育珊瑚等復育工作。崔博士多年來熱心參與香港海洋及珊瑚保育的公眾推廣和教育活動,當中包括為學校,綠色團體,政府部門等不同團體擔任專題講者,以及為香港珊瑚礁普查擔任隊伍科學家。崔博士透過不同公開演講累積經驗,善於通過穿插故事,深入淺出的介紹與講解科學知識。崔博士認為,教學不僅僅是知識的傳承,還應帶出態度和習慣上的改變。 近年,她推出了外展項目「珊瑚學院」,透過不同類型活動推廣香港水底世界,以培養及深化學生及大眾對海洋生態保育的意識及行為。

Dr. Apple Chui obtained her M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in Environmental Science and Biology programs from CUHK, and has been with the School of Life Sciences as a lecturer since 2016. Since 2008, Dr. Chui has been studying corals in Hong Kong. Her research interests include coral larval ecology, coral recruitment dynamics and reef restoration using sexually reared corals. Apart from research, Dr. Chui has been actively engaged in public outreach and education activities on marine and coral conservation in Hong Kong. Throughout the years, she has been invited to speak at public seminars on marine and coral conservation for various organisations, including schools, green groups, and government departments. She has also been actively involved with Reef Check Hong Kong as team scientist. With practice and experience in public speaking, she has learnt to become a storyteller of science, making science easier to understand. Dr. Chui believes that teaching is not only about transmitting knowledge, but changing attitude and transforming habit. She has recently launched the outreach programme “Coral Academy”, to raise student and public’s awareness and inspire action in marine conservation through various activities.

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