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GE Salon 2013-14 "Values, Life and Society"

第一節 Session 1

Three Forms of Democracy: Representative, Direct and Deliberative

講者:陳健民教授(香港中文大學 社會學系)
Prof. Chan Kin Man (Dept. of Sociology, CUHK)

日期 Date:27 / 9 / 2013 (Fri)
時間 Time:7 - 9 pm
地點:香港中文大學康本國際學術園 3 號演講廳 (updated)
Venue: LT3, Yasumoto International Academic Park, CUHK (updated)
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粵語主講  In Cantonese



Brief Description

Some have claimed that, despite its many disadvantages, democracy is the best form of government. It has also been claimed that although democracy does not always select the best people, it can prevent tyranny. So what is democracy for? In addition to the prevention of tyranny, can democracy make the people master of themselves? Will the rule of the people bring about good governance? The speaker will share his thoughts about these questions and discuss three ideas of democracy: (1) representative democracy with popular elections through which the executive and the legislative branches are elected; (2) direct democracy in which people participate directly in public affairs; and (3) deliberative democracy which involves rational dialogues in public spheres.

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融通:求學與做人 Intellectual Pursuit and Our Lives


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